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Transport Archive: the Learning Zone

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The Learning Zone is designed for teachers and students to use actively to build upon the resources provided in the rest of the Transport Archive.

Learning Zone for Schools

Follow these links to see a variety of Teaching and Learning resources related to the Transport Archive, or to contribute your own lesson plans.

We have identified four common, over-arching themes that can be applied to all the stories told by this website. Click on the headings in the list to the right to see more about each theme.

You will also notice that results are grouped thematically when you search the Transport Archive.

Feats of Engineering Feats of Engineering celebrates the engineering achievements of great transport undertakings and their legacy of industrial archaeology.

This theme aims to highlight examples of technological innovation and excellence.

Changing Landscapes The Changing Landscapes theme maps how the transport industry has impacted upon the areas which host it.

In particular, the urbanisation of rural areas into urban and commercial landscapes is considered.

Community History Community History documents the lives of people around the centres of transport activity as networks and industry developed.

Everything from the lives of dockers and navvies to women working in aircraft factories during the World Wars is examined by this theme.

Socio-Economic Background The Socio-Economic Background theme illustrates the financial and social circumstances that gave rise to the development of transport.

Local, national and international forces are considered, as well as the lives of the visionary entrepreneurs without whom transport would not have evolved.