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Commercial Spares Department

Commercial Spares Department

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G1595. Taken in October 1952, this is the Commercial Spares Department. Based in the original hangar at the southermost of the three West Works hangars, which was originally used by the flying school.
This office is housed on the fourth floor, you can see the original Belfast roof trusses.

Before the era of computers you can see the indexed drawers which would have held cards listing all the parts and records of assembly lines, required for building aircraft, and note how large the room is to house these records. There are several women working in this office though the ratio is still high on the volume of men.
PublisherBristol Aeroplane Company Limited
ContributorRolls-Royce Plc
Creatorcorporatename - Bristol Aeroplane Company Ltd
Datecreation - Circa 1952-October
TypePhotographic prints - Black and White Photograph
Formatdimension.H - 170 mm
dimension.W - 230 mm
SourceRolls-Royce plc
CoverageLocation.Creation Site - Filton
RightsBristol Aeroplane Company/Rolls-Royce