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What kind of databases were created to collect the data?

Over the whole project, two different database applications are used. The first is a database system built in FileMaker Pro and used by the curators in assembling information about the images and objects.

The system uses a barcode tag and reader to link each object to its description in the database and to name the digitised images, so reducing the chance of incorrect linkages.

Data from the intermediate database system is transferred to the second database system, written in MySQL running under Macintosh OS X. The interaction between the browser and the MySQL database is handled by PHP.

The decision to use a database-backed website was taken on the grounds of efficiency, consistency and ease of maintenance: for example, whilst there will be several thousand records, the number of html files will be numbered in the tens.

When new records are added after the end of the project the use of a simple content-management system will ensure consistency of output.

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