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Transport Archive: About the Project

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What are the project's aims and objectives?

This initiative makes available an Internet based multi-medium learning resource, initially focusing on three key forms of transport: Inland Waterways, Railways and Aviation.

Three linked websites unlock and make accessible images and information from a variety of disparate collections, telling the individual stories of three great transport undertakings, and at the same time to examine common elements in their contributions to the history of Britain. The over-arching themes of the whole project are: Socio-economic, Engineering Achievements, History of the Communities and Changing environments.

The three sites are linked through a common "Transport Archive" portal. While retaining their individual identity, the three sites share a common design philosophy. This common banner enables cross promotion with the potential for increased usage.


  • Create a major learning resource.
  • Provide a flexible educational aid for history, society, economy and technology subjects.
  • To move unique and previously restricted source materials freely into the public arena.
  • Supply a body of eminently diverse, flexible and "repackagable" study resources.
  • Establish strong community linkages as growth points for learning, enjoyment and identity.
  • Ensure sustainability and access to the resource.
  • Utilise innovative links between public private and academic sectors.
  • Establish and develop the vision of a focal gateway into Transport History.

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